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Author of "He Was There All the Time" & "I'm Not In It By Myself" 




Most people know about women who have been in relationships of domestic violence. Yet, when it comes to domestic violence involving people of high regard in our churches, the topic is essentially unthought-of.  

The truth is that some of our church leaders are abusing their wives or girlfriends while we most often put them on pedestals. As a result, they typically receive passes in life as well as our acceptance—by default—of their behaviors. 


Many women in our churches are suffering. In fact, the one institution that should be providing them help is the very same one that is beating them down. Never think that men with high positions, especially in our churches, are somehow automatically exempt from doing bad things. You cannot look at a man and know he beating his wife. Undoubtedly, Christian women can get caught up in toxic relationships just like any other women we know. Thus, this is the story of Elect Lady Tosha Kyle—her journey of love, faith, abuse, hopelessness, and finally triumph.


Sometimes, it feels like we're alone; no one loves us; everyone ignores us; and people talk about us. When we hit rock bottom, others tell us that there is no other way but up. Yet, the burden of weight on our shoulders keeps us pinned down and unable to move. Then, when God steps in and lifts the burden off our shoulders, He removes the pressure that causes us to feel as if we are suffocating. We are allowed to breathe! With those burdens gone, we feel free. We sing, we dance, and we praise His precious and holy name. Our newfound freedom allows us to experience life in brand new ways that we never imagined were possible. Now you can follow Dian through her journey to find that freedom. Isn't time that you find yours as well?


Domestic violence does not have a face. That prosperous, well-dressed, charismatic businessman who contributes heavily to the church funds is just as likely to be an abuser as the drunken wife beater. That woman from a prominent family is just as likely to be a victim of abuse as the woman whose home address is well-known by the local police department. One (1) out of four (4) women is currently participating in an abusive relationship, has been in an abusive relationship, or will be in an abusive relationship. Studies have shown that at least two (2) women will lose their lives daily at the hands of an abuser. Domestic violence is not only physical, it can be emotional, psychological, sexual, financial, or any combination thereof.


This is the story of Dian LeBrin, a woman, who like many others, was a victim of domestic violence. Realizing that her life and the life of her daughter were in danger, she left the abusive relationship for a better life. Follow Dian on her journey through hatred and unforgiveness as she walked with God to become a free woman.


I finished my book a few days ago. I was speechless and spent the first two days processing what I had just read. This book definitely has deliverance written into. Inspired of the Holy Spirit for sure.


I've read this book, and I feel encouraged. Reading this book has helped me not just mentally and physiqically, but also spiritually. My faith became stronger knowing that whatever trial we go through, God is always present, and there is hope...



This book left me speechless. After reading this book, Ms. LeBrin has become such an inspiration and a role model for me.She has such a beautiful personality. Despite going through so much throughout her life, she always stays positive and has faith. Well done!







For the next thirty-one days and beyond this power-packed prayer journal will encourage your heart by reminding you, God is on your side and he wants what’s best for you. As you meditate on the word, it will cultivate and increase your faith and will fortify you during those days of uncertainty. No longer must you feel alone, now you have the confident that God is with you and there is nothing that can make him change his mind about you.


Dian LeBrin was born in St. Croix of the United States Virgin Islands. She was born to parents George G. LeBrin and Maggie E. James. Dian is the sixth of nine siblings. She is also the proud parent of three children. Anthony is serving his country in the United States Navy. Elton works in the Hospitality Industry and Diamond is a junior at a National Accredited University.


Dian accepted the Lord in October of 1981. Through trials and tribulation, she has never given up on her faith.

At the age of twelve years old, Dian was adopted by the Mitchell family in St. Croix, thus becoming the second of eight children. Her family consist of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Mitchell, six sisters, and two brothers.


In 2007, Dian was infected with the West Nile Virus causing her to experience vision loss. Today she lives with a visual disability, but she is enjoying life with the knowledge that she serves a God who gives sight to the blind.


Though her first marriage did not last, she is now engaged to an extraordinary man. They are anticipating marriage in January of 2015.



Would you like to know what events I have coming up?  You can check out my Google Calendar below.  Be sure to visit it periodically.



Would you like to know what events I have coming up?  You can check out my Google Calendar below.  Be sure to visit it periodically.



For any media inquiries, please contact agent Dian LeBrin at lebrinbooks@gmail.com.

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