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The decision to forgive those who’ve hurt you is truly the best gift you can ever give to yourself. The reality is, you have the right to be angry and to isolate yourself, but doing so, will become a stumbling block in your life and it will keep you from reaching the heights God has destined for you.

Releasing the abuser is not to give them a free pass for the hurt they’ve brought to your life, but it is cutting the vain that is pumping the poison through your veins. Don’t look at it as though you're weak, but think as though it takes a strong person to release the abuser that have harmed you.

Learn how I forgave the abusers in my life in my book He Was There All The Time it will take you on a journey of how:

*I forgave the people who have hurt me the most

*I obtain healing through forgiveness

*I now live in perpetual peace a place I’ve never lived before

#Abuser #Healing #Forgiveness #PastHurt #Peace

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